That list could go on forever

R is in Europe for two weeks with his friends. Before he left I was doing some standard whining about his extended absence and said:  Who is going to spoon me while you’re gone?

R: Um, hopefully no one.

Good call.


And by his friends, I mean that he is traveling with six – SIX! – other people for two whole weeks.  I got second-hand anxiety every time he mentioned the stress of planning a trip with so many people.  I’ve accepted I’m a crotchety old bitch that is set in my ways, which also means there are certain things I will never enjoy doing, such as:

  • Traveling with a grip of people that I am not related to and/or not being paid to travel with for business purposes;
  • dining out at a restaurant with more than three other people;
  • loud, crowded concerts;
  • loud, crowded bars;
  • bars that have lines to get in (never ever);
  • restaurants that involve waiting in line (thanks again, New York Times, for ruining my chances at eating at Rose’s Luxury)
  • WMATA metro delays that involve offloading the train and being stuck on the platform with 10,000 tourists that have no idea what the fuck is going on;
  • ticketed attendance of a president inauguration (crowds, lines and no place to pee, although I’m glad I did that once);
  • shopping at Whole Foods before a weather-related incident;
  • shopping at Whole Foods period;
  • not doing exactly what I want exactly when I want to do it.

Are we sensing a theme here?  I dislike mass quantities of strangers and not being the keeper of my own destiny.  And that’s just specifics I can think of on the fly.  Think of that list if I really dedicated time and energy to it.

Anyways, so R said, I assume in an attempt to be sweet and thoughtful, that he wished I was coming with him.  To which I responded, “Oh, no you don’t, I would ruin our relationship and your friendships within three days traveling with that many people.”

“Well,” he said, “I wish just you and I were going…?”

“Yes, that sounds nice.”



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2 responses to “That list could go on forever

  1. I am SO with you. If you are not my spouse, I do not want to travel with you. And CERTAINLY not more than one “yous.”! I once went on a really nice girls’ weekend with three friends and THAT was a nightmare. R is brave.

    By the way, one of the reasons I knew my husband was The One was because we are such compatible travelers. But no one else. No thanks.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! I had to mentally check myself before I offered advice and supportive comments because what I really wanted to say was – you should just cancel.

      And VERY delayed congrats on your baby girl, by the way!

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