10 on Thursday

1.  Cabin in three weeks!  Iceland and Copenhagen in two months!  Special to Josephine, do we have a place to stay in Iceland yet?  Anyone got any grand suggestions?

2.  As for popular in the news this week, Caitlyn Jenner, all I’ve got to say is more power to you.

3.  Books you should read this summer:  Big Little Lies, The Boston Girl, The Slap, The Round House, to name a few.

4.  Things you should eat: steak tacos with cilantro and radish salsa.  I’ve made these no less than four times in the last five days, both with steak and rotisserie chicken.  If you cut up the radishes, cilantro and green onions in larger batches, it is a five-minute meal that doesn’t involve turning on your oven in the summer.  And at my sweet house without central air, we will not be during on our oven until the end of September.

5.  Congrats to my dear friend Spano on her baby boy.  It is remarkable to me that we’re now considered old enough and responsible enough to care for another human being, a tiny one at that.  I realized in my mid-20s that I was officially a grown up, as if I were to get pregnant people would congratulate me, as opposed to saying something along the lines of, “Her poor mother, she had such promise.  She got into such a good college, too.”

6.  With that said, I would like to confess I ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch.  And it was 100% delicious.

7.  We found a new roommate!  Wait, did I tell you we needed a new roommate?  Our basement dweller, K, who will forever and ever complete the tripod of the most peaceful household in which I have ever lived (the frat house was lovely, but I would not necessarily call it peaceful with Roommate A’s very vocal sports fandom and the general debauchery), got a job near Dulles and for some reason selfishly choose to move closer to work than to commit to a roughly three-hour roundtrip commute every day if she were to stay with us.

I am trying real hard to not hold it against her but am unable to restrain myself as introducing her as “the roommate that is selfishly leaving me.”

Anyway, we interviewed one person, a dude in his late twenties named J, and he agreed to move in.  He seems nice and normal and like it’s too good to be true.  Because our other option was a Hill staffer that, according to a quick google search, liked to take family portraits with AK-47s.  Yep, husband (potential roommate), wife, three children, all posing with gigantic guns.

8.  Everyone on Facebook thinks I’m over reacting to this article – Snakes in walls: Realtor accused of selling infested home – but holy fuck, I’m OK living without a snake SUPER HIGHWAY in my home.  And I’m a pretty tough girl, I pulled a gigantic bug out of the shower this morning.  But snakes, raccoons…no fucking thank you.  This house should be burned down immediately.

9.  This made me laugh and laugh: Leaked Republic Campaign Emails, Re: White House Toddler Temper-Tantrum

10.  This song is doing it for me right now, don’t know why, don’t care:


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