How to: Have stressful meetings with the boss like a professional

1.  Schedule Super Important Meeting with boss to discuss general feelings of discontent.

2.  Remain totally cool when meeting gets pushed two hours.

3.  Sit down with boss and try to convey all feelings with wild hand gestures in effort not to cry.

4.  Start to cry.

5.  Talk about feelings while wiping tears off face and chugging water out of Bubbles Hair Salon water bottle.

6.  Use all of boss’ Kleenex.  Remark that it is actually not Kleenex brand, so should be referred to as tissue and isn’t it weird that we call all tissue Kleenex?

7.  Sit in boss’ glass-walled office with back to the door for one half-hour past business hours so no one sees proof of super unprofessional red, blotchy face.  Talk to boss about the awesomeness of the play Newsies.

8.  Run out of office with sunglasses on.

9.  Vow to only correspond with boss via email until the shame of crying dissipates.

10.  Feel much better.  Mentally high-five boss for being a calm, cool and supportive mentor and woman.

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