I hated D.C. when I first moved here 6 1/2 years ago.  All of my favorite people were still living and drinking together in Chicago.  I wasn’t sure about my new job.  I knew a grand total of like 6 people on the Eastern seaboard either of non-drinking age or the age of my parents.  And while my mom and dad’s friend John has proved to be an excellent happy hour companion, it took what felt like mostly forever to adjust.  To find my grove.  And my people.  And most importantly, my footing.

But days like this – while long gone in the newscycle – days like this make me so happy to be here.  For during my time in D.C., I was on the National Mall during President Obama’s first inauguration, heard countless Members of Congress speak and walked through the White House gardens.  I was a guest at wedding with a cabinet secretary as the officiant and worried that I gave Helen Thomas strep throat*.  And two weeks ago, I stood in front of the Supreme Court with hundreds of others, as the interns ran and word spread that gay marriage was now the law of our land.  I hugged my friend and chanted with strangers, “USA!  USA!”

*My goodness, has my grasp of proper grammar and punctuation improved since then.


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