And Here We Are

A much delayed post that I wrote sitting in the Minneapolis airport after Christmas. After the two feet of snow we enjoyed this weekend – with the school closures and metro closures and corresponding anxiety D.C. locals felt for a little bit of snow – it made me homesick. Updates on snow days, life, liberty and other things to come.


As I write this, I sit in the Minneapolis airport waiting for my flight back to D.C. As per usual, my carry on roller bag is so swollen with my belongings I doubt I will be able to lift it into the overhead bin. The gate attendant just announcement, “If there are any Packer’s fans on this flight to Arizona, you will be boarded last.” There are no delays despite the couple of inches of snow we got last night.

Christmas Eve at the family funeral home was everything our family holidays promise – 70+ people, cannelloni, fried chicken, babies running in circles around what once was my grandfather’s apartment and now is my uncle’s home. The older kids running up from the basement hollering, “We just saw a body!” with the corresponding, “My wife is going to love this” from my cousin.

The fights this year never made it above a tense conversational volume. No one cried, which might be a family first for my brothers and me. Specifically, my brother Tim, who has a special knack for bringing me to tears in 30 seconds flat. It’s his special skill.

Also as per usual, we ate and ate and ate until we could eat no more. We drank red wine and binge-watched episodes of “Homeland.” We irritated my mother by raiding her alcohol stash and by leaving our belongings all over her house. We all sat around the same dinner table for the first time in months.

It was good to be home.


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