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Some Things on Thursday

Remember me? Me neither. The last couple of months has been a blur of homework, homework, homework and some light stress crying.

I drank three (OK, four) glasses of wine at happy hour a couple of weeks ago with a girlfriend on an empty stomach. When I got home, R inquired about my day and I responded by bursting into hysterical tears. Being the thoughtful boy that he is, he patted my arm and ordered me two pizzas.

Listen up, gentleman, when your lady comes home slightly drunk and starts sobbing, always best to go with two pizzas.

But I’m almost done with grad school! Like ten days almost done. I don’t know who I pissed off this semester, but I am presenting my final senior project in the last time slot on the last day of presentations. (A lot of people, probably.)


There are often tour groups in our office space and with an open office plan, sometimes you feel like the tour groups are spectators here to watch you in your natural professional habitat.

A group just walked by while I was shoveling whole handfuls of Skinny Pop into my mouth (because how could you not open a bag of Skinny Pop and shove whole handfuls into your mouth?) while bopping to Missy Elliot in the pitch dark. Oh hi!


Anyone getting married soon? Here are some tips for success. I am Josephine’s maid of honor and suggested we start Facetiming each morning for practice.


Stolen directly from Facebook:
Scene: Your coworkers hands you a sympathy card because your other coworker’s cat died and you write “Sorry, buddy!” because what else do you write in a sympathy card for a cat?

And then you look at the other notes of condolence and realize the cat’s name was Buddy. And you desperately try to squeeze in the word “about” to seem like less of a jerk.

OK, back to work. Updates on life once my arm tires from fist pumping on May 9th at 8pm.


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