Summertime and such

R and I have been tearing through summer. Thus far, we’ve been to New York City on a post-graduate school victory tour (I was victorious in graduating from my master’s program with a 3.96 GPA, R was victorious in putting up with me for the semester*), which really should be described as a New York City eating and drinking tour. We ate: dim sum at the oldest running dim sum restaurant in New York City, did extensive research and then consumed bagels and New York pizza, inhaled the world’s great french fries and burgers at the Spotted Pig, all the tacos and prosciutto and cheese at Eataly. Just to name a few meals.

And we drank: at a wonderful dive where we took shots at 1pm with the 23-year-old girl bartenders who were way cooler than we are, champagne on the glorious 4th floor bar at our hotel, Manhattans in Manhattan at a dark bar in Midtown and shots of Jameson at an Irish bar next to Penn Station before hopping a train home Sunday night.

R is lovely to travel with and A-OK with the travel style my family is accustom to: go, go, go, go, go, nap, go, go, go.

Since mid-May, we’ve also been to Virgina Beach to see R’s pals, where I attended my very first baby shower. And likely one of the few baby showers I’ll ever attend with an after party.

We also spent last weekend in Atlanta for best cousin Jo’s bridal shower and bachelorette party. I failed at googling “maid of honor” duties and learned the week before that I was responsible for recording all the gifts received at the bridal shower. I did an excellent job, if I do say so myself, and I got to snuggle a chunky, happy baby with the most amazing thighs.

Next weekend, we’re off to see R’s parents in southern Virgina and then meeting Jo and her fiance and a gang of folks in Asheville for the 4th of July weekend. There will be patriotic paraphernalia, there will be river tubing, there will be some light day drinking. We’re flying an airline I had never heard of until I bought our plane tickets (Allegiant). It might be a bring your own cabin pressure type of situation but I am hopeful.

So that’s what’s new with us. How about you?

*R gets the winner of all boyfriends awards for serving as my short order cook during my last semester of school and not smacking the empty coffee cup out of my hand every time I shook it at him while doing homework and said, “It’s a coffee emergency! It’s empty!” but instead, getting up off the couch to make me another latte.


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