Because I can

Since I graduated from grad school, R and I have been in a full-blown travel sprint. We spent 10 days in Minnesota, complete with the annual family day experience. Visited his parents in Southern Virginia. Floated down a river in Asheville. Spent a weekend in Chicago commemorating one of my finest friends with beer and shots at our favorite college dive bar. Flew to Michigan for 25 hours to attend my second cousin’s wedding.

I’ve also read roughly 13 books. Repinched the nerve in my neck. Spent a couple weeks in physical therapy and finally, finally was able to start biking to work again this week.

BFF4EVA and R met for the first time. I starred at them for three days at my mother’s cabin asking if they were friends yet. I think they are.

I’ve taken so many naps and eaten to many pizzas and participated in so many impromptu happy hours, walks and dinners just because I have no homework to do or class to attend.

Being done with school is just the greatest. And now, with a whole summer between me and presenting my senior project in the last time spot on the last day I can finally say: grad school was totally worth it.


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