What happens when you give a girl a real job, high heels and responsibilities– and forget to educate her on many social cues that are necessary for success in a 9 to 5 world.

Nothin’ pretty. I once showed up to work with grass stains on my knees wearing high heels and a $300 suit. That about sums it up.


2 responses to “MYSELF

  1. Hey,

    I found your blog when Googling other mouse victims with whom to commiserate (little assholes have not only eaten my chocolate covered espresso beans and shit on my stove top, but this morning I found that one of them chewed my Cole Haan purse) and love your writing style/anecdotes. You’re very much like me, only you live in DC, apparently. Anyway, thanks for the posts, it’s nice to know that another girl was forced into a grown-up life (I usually feel like a fraud in meetings).

    P.S., I totally deemed my half an hour spent on the treadmill last night as an allowance for me a eat a burrito when I got home.


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