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10 on Thursday – A Lot About Animals

1.  My supervisor’s last day is tomorrow.  I refused to RSVP to her going away party in protest.  I would equate my feelings of her leaving to something along the lines of my newly-popular boyfriend dumping me for the head cheerleader, but that analogy seems like a lot of work to spell out.

2.  Duluth, Minnesota (from where my family hails) is completely underwater.  I’ve heard horror stories of water coming out of basement light fixtures, up from drains and pouring in back doors from my relatives.  But the most shocking and awesome of all– the seal making a break from the zoo.

3.  What the shit is up with this heat, DC?  I keep walking outside and thinking– hey, this isn’t that bad and then 2 blocks later I feel like my face is melting off and I’m dying.  I knew that mild winter was going to backfire.  And it has in the form of gigantic hair and shiny faces.

4.  My cousin likes to say August in DC is the great equalizer because EVERYONE looks like hell.  Look like that will actually just be the summer motto.

5.  Many many skateboarders just skateboarded down 14th Street.  What where they doing?

6.  We had a cleaning lady come to the frat house this week and I can’t even being to explain the happiness it brought me.  I just wandered around checking out all the dust-free surfaces and inhaling deeply saying– can you smell that, dudes?  Can you smell that delicious delicious scent of industrial strength cleaning supplies?  Ah.

7.  I just got a mass e-mail asking if I’d like Tim Pawlenty to come speak at my company’s next event with a subject line “Pawlenty continues to wow audiences”.  I would like to respond with this very appropriate website link.

8.  Two things to improve your day:  21 Pictures That Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity and this.  Seriously, that lion gets me every single time.

9.  Remember that one time my dad lost his tortoise and ex-K and I spent hours and hours and hours (OK, like 1 hour but it was really hot) looking for him?  It happened again!  Turns out Louis went missing at roughly 8PM last night and was found at 6:30AM this morning safe and sound wandering around the backyard.  Dad, maybe it’s time to get these tortoises homing devises?

10.  And our song of the week!  (It sounds like they’re talking about rhinos.)


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