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Shower Schedule

Roommate A is once again employed– we’re very proud!  After months of diligently job hunting, he received and accepted a job offer that sent him back to work yesterday.  And with his recent employment, a new shower schedule must be maneuvered.

That’s right– we’ve got one bathroom.  One bathroom that must shower and shave 4 people each and every morning (I shave my legs!  Sometimes…) before sending us out into the world.  We’ve gotten it down to a refined science that involves some banging on bedroom doors in the morning and waterproof watches.

When Roommate C moved out a couple months ago and we were Craig’s Listing the replacement, we asked “what time do you prefer to shower in the morning?” before even start to question whether or not the potential new roommate was a serial killer.  And quite frankly, the shower thing was much more important.

For a couple of months last year, Roommate A and I had to be at the same train stop Monday – Friday by 9AM.  Before he decided to just get up earlier and I decided I was just going to add a little hustle to my morning– there was a couple of weeks that we were essentially doing our showering etc. together with the safety of a opaque shower curtain to protect us.  I would shower and he would shave.  He would shower and I would brush my teeth.  Up close and personal roommate bonding.

We eventually straightened it out– he would shower first and start making us breakfast while I got dressed, I would clean up breakfast if I didn’t have a fashion crisis, he would often yell from the bottom of the stairs “hurry the fuck up”.  We’d eat our egg sandwiches and walk to the Metro holding hands in the morning.  Just kidding, we didn’t hold hands, but it was still very adorable.  I’m looking forward to having my morning buddy again and very happy for you, Roommate A.


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