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10 on Thursday

1.  What?  What is this?  A 10 on Thursday?  I’m just as shocked as you are, but I figure I should use this $1200 Mac for something other than streaming Sons of Anarchy episodes.  Maybe.

I’m tired and have dinner plans at 7PM, so it will be slightly half-assed and poorly edited, but I posted!  That counts for something, right?

2.  I know I’ve mentioned this before– I have a so far unsuccessful goal of trying to get incredibly tall men into Smart Cars.  Merely for my own entertainment and to take pictures.  I’m on the second day of negotiations with a friend topping at 6’5″ and he doesn’t seem anywhere near convinced that this is a good plan.

I just want to be amused and to take pictures.  With that said, if you are over 6 feet tall and want to be my first model for a project I’ve titled “Big Fucking Dudes in Tiny Fucking Cars” let me know.  Barrington, I know you love and me will particpate in exchange for Thanksgiving dinner.

3.  Both my parents decided October would be a great time to take a vacation.  My dad is in Nepal for 5 weeks and my mother was jetting around on a houseboat in Lake Powell with all her siblings.  Rough life, guys.

For four whole days last week those vacations overlapped.  Vacations to places that involved no cell phone reception.  What kind of parents are you?  What if your daughter wanted to have the briefest work-related meltdown?  She had no parent to call!  Good thing I’ve got a lot of ringers, yeah?

4.  Due to my father’s grand adventure, I have his 4 tortoises living in a tub in my basement.  These tortoises are proof we’re conditioned as human beings to love whatever is in our care, as I worry that they’re lonely or cold or hungry all day.  And I never gave them much thought before (unless I was on a search and rescue mission).

5.  Of course my father forgot to leave me with worms and due to my deep deep dislike for the red line train, I actually ordered worms on the internet and paid $11 in shipping to avoid going to the Petco in Van Ness.  That’s love.

6.  I had 3 beers for dinner last night and decided it’d be a super great plan to sign up for match.com.  I am still not sure what I was thinking but I blame Pay Pal.  If I would’ve had to get out of bed to walk to my purse to get my credit card, it never would’ve happened.  But type in my e-mail address and password?  Easy!

7.  I’m signed up for a month and have decided to give it 30 days of the old college try.  And I use the term “try” very loosely, because I still refuse to date people that live in Rockville.  Or have cats.  And will still be suspicious of men claiming to be 5’7″ because every knows they’re really 5’5″.

8.  For a variety of different reasons, I’m currently down on a couple people in my life that used to stress me the hell out.  All this stress-free living is amazing.  I’m not grinding my teeth at night.  Grind free sleeping!  It’s a damn miracle. My shoulders are not all up near my ears all day, which got my a high five from my pilates instructor.

I spent a lot of time and energy beings SO STRESSED the last year about work and about job hunting and about this, that and the other thing and now I’m not.  I have much less to talk about.

9.  I’ve almost been in DC for four years, so GO NATS!

10.  Song of the week.  I think I’m finally over my “Call me Maybe” phase, but have moved on to this business.


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